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Self-Mastery using a Shamanic Approach

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Own YOUR Power!

Owning YOUR Power means finding out what your unique gift is and embracing it!  Your power may be running a huge company, it may be showing compassion for others in pain.  Until you embrace your unique power, you will struggle. 

Experience Transformation!

Everything you need to become wholly YOU is already in YOU.  We simply guide you through a process that helps you access the transformation you are looking for!

Live a Liberated Life!

Be free from limiting self-beliefs! You deserve to walk in liberation!  Fully Confident,  fully connected to the Divine and FREE to be who you were born to be!

What is a Shamanic Approach?

A shamanic approach, for our purposes, is the courage to face your fears with you. Infinite Yes and our coaches, guide you through the unseen and help you move through your fears to reclaim your power for use it according to your wisdom. You will walk through the fire and into the light with a trusted guide and cheerleader!

Every part of you holds wisdom, energy and memories. Too often we hide our wounds and try to be "happy".  Happiness is one state of being. There are many "higher" frequencies of energy available to you:

  • Productive
  • Peaceful
  • Mindful
  • Connected 
  • Aware
  • Compassionate
  • Contemplative
  • Developing
  • Learning
  • Conscious

Here's the thing to know... We live in a transitory, dualistic realm that is equal parts light and dark, chaos and control.  Perfect begets imperfect as the darkest night yields to the dawn, summer must yield its harvest to autumn then fields fallow in winter which provides the deep sleep that nourishes the new shoots of spring.

 To hide from or deny the shadows of your being prohibits you from finding the wisdom, hidden strength, proving your resilience and actualizing your wholeness.

 As a Shaman born gifted in metaphysics and remembering her past training, Naomi Eklund founded Infinite Yes to create tools and coaching that de-stigmatizes your wounds and shows you the true power of your being.  

"Do not fear what you have hidden.  I have walked through my own fires and darkness, and successfully guided many others through theirs for the past 30 years."

Naomi Eklund - Master Metaphysician, Founder & CEO of Infinite Yes, Inc.

We are currently building this amazing program and can't wait to share it with you!

At Infinite Yes, we have a commitment to creating and producing quality products for our treasured clients!  We are building an amazing program with both online go-at-your-pace content and weekly live online meetings!  This is truly going to be a transformational program.

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