Personal Evolution using the Enneagram - Owning the Power of Your Personality Style

Naomi Eklund, Author of Building Bridges Through Personality: Introducing the Enneagram and Certified Enneagram Coach Jennifer Dahlberg have combined work-at-your-pace Enneagram video and pdf content with weekly LIVE video calls to create this profound and effective program to unlock the powerful tool of the Enneagram using simple and inviting language. You can use the digital content at your pace and check in weekly in the LIVE calls to to ask your questions and get real in-depth support and information about each of the 9 styles and the nuances that make up personality.  

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Understand Yourself!

Understanding your Enneagram Personality Type and the natural resources, gifts and challenges that are inherent in your personality improves self-compassion!

Understand Others!

Learning about the different motivations and gifts of each Enneagram Personality Type creates compassion for others!

Own Your Power! 

Your Enneagram Type is amazing and powerful.  Understanding why unlocks that power and gives you insight how to empower others to do the same!

About the Online Program


You will learn to approach your personality and others with wisdom, insight, and grace, enabling you to improve relationships, self esteem, and confidence.

We will cover the basics of the Enneagram in the program and through online videos, presentations, and writings.

In this class you will learn the Enneagram Personality Style System and how to use it:

  • For personal awareness and growth
  • To improve your self esteem
  • To deepen your spiritual work
  • Improve mental/emotional/spiritual health
  • Become a better manager/leader
  • Enjoy parenting and family relationships more
  • Liberate yourself from the cultural beliefs that have held you back
  • See yourself in a loving productive way that helps you to “Own Your Power”
  • Be a better friend, boss, teammate, partner, and human being

Structure of class:

  • This is a self paced program with ongoing staff training and support. 
  • You could complete training in as little as 12 weeks though we recommend joining us for the workshops and weekly Q & A video calls.
  • You will have access to classes, community, and ongoing support from Naomi Eklund and Jennifer Dahlberg for a full year.

You will be given 3 different Enneagram Personality Style assessments

Each will come with a report explaining the results.  This will give you a great deal of information to get you started.  These assessments will also be part of your online training classes.

Class video calls on Tuesdays at 8 pm Central Time.   

These will be approximately 1 - 1 ½ hours long, with a topic for the week, and lots of time to answer questions about whatever area of the Enneagram you want to discuss.  Please send your questions ahead by email (if you have them) so we can be ready to answer them.

While it is best if you can attend these video meetings, if you have to miss one, it will be recorded for you to view later.  Due to holidays and travel needs, there will be some of these meetings that won’t happen or are rescheduled based on attendees needs, such as the week of Thanksgiving, Dec 20, 27th, and other dates determined by the group.

Half Day Enneagram workshops.   

This will be held on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month (except Dec.) based on the needs of the group.   These will be recorded and archived for program members.

In the first part of the workshop we will…

  • Review an area of the training material in depth. 
  • Go over the basics of the system so everyone has a good understanding.
  • Advance to more complex areas based on the pace of the group.  

The second part of the workshop will focus on…

  • Individual assessment results and questions about results.   
  • This will be a chance for everyone to learn together by sharing their information/experiences.
  • We will do our best to get to everyone's needs and requests as time allows.
  • Create opportunities to build community.

Included in your program:

  • 3 Enneagram Personality Style Assessments and Reports.
  • Online Video Class at your own pace:
    • Explains each type and many nuances of the system
  • Online PDF of book of Building Bridges Through Personality: Introducing the Enneagram by Naomi Eklund  
  • Additional video/online materials:
    • Accompanying worksheets, handouts, slides, charts, quicksheets and notes.
    • Recordings of the online class meetings &  ½ days workshops.
  • You will gain access to the Infinite Yes Community on our website where you can make friends who are also interested in the Enneagram.
  • We will provide email support during regular business hours with a 24-48 hour turnaround.

Naomi Eklund and Jennifer Dahlberg will be leading this class.  

To learn more about us read our bios:

Yes! I want to improve my personal & professional life! Buy Class NOW!

The Enneagram Styles

  • Style 1 - Perfectionist / Reformer - Sees the world in its perfected state & works to create or reform it to perfection. 
  • Style 2 - Helper / Giver - Connects with others to fulfill their own desire. Builds bridges, perceives and takes action for the good of the whole. 
  • Style 3 - Performer / Achiever - Getting the job done is what matters to 3s. Is image conscious, usually very capable and emotionally disconnected. 
  • Style 4 - Individualist / Romantic - Feeling deeply & being unique gives life meaning. 
  • Style 5 - Intellectual / Investigator - Retreats into information, relies on knowledge & humor to relate. 
  • Style 6 - Loyalist / Skeptic - Analytical minded egalitarians with whom loyalty is earned 
  • Style 7 - Enthusiast / Epicure - High level thinking, planning & enjoying life keep me engaged.  
  • Style 8 - Challenger / Powerful Person - Protective, determined & influential. 8s are often leaders & need to prove they matter. 
  • Style 9 - Peacemaker / Moderator - Seeks to create a calm, safe world for all so they are able to find inner peace. Is able to see many points of view.

"To create relationships, we must build bridges between our worlds. To do this successfully, we must understand the personality.” 

Naomi Eklund - Founder & CEO of Infinite Yes, Inc. and Author of Building Bridges through Personality: Introducing the Enneagram

Why Coach Jennifer recommends learning about the Enneagram