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Naomi Eklund, founder and owner of Infinite Yes Coaching Inc., provides leadership guidance and mentoring services to businesses who want to create meaningful relationships and positively impact their bottom line. With insight from exercises like the Enneagram Personality Style System and Strengthsfinder tests, along with other introspective work, you will better understand how to maximize the capability, productivity and efficacy of your team. These exercises are her “bread and butter” as a leader with a lifetime of experience in metaphysical and intuition-based consultation. This emotionally intuitive and solution oriented management consultation method will change the way you and your team members work, both individually and as a unit. 


Teams can accomplish anything when its members feel a shared sense of responsibility toward the work. But what if we could inspire that team by exposing their energetic strengths and applying them in practice?

Naomi's approach to leadership guidance and mentor services prioritizes humanity because sustainable relationships, professional or otherwise, require keen awareness of human energy; her coaching philosophy aligns with that notion. But the truth is that she offers more than coaching. Naomi applies a unique combination of emotionally intuitive practice and business acumen to the transformative training work that she commits to at Infinite Yes, Incorporated. She will engage with you in exercises of the mind, heart, and spirit in order to achieve tangible and long-term management improvements in your workplace.


Emotionally intelligent people don’t always recognize that perception is a gift. When we see beyond the facade of people and structures, we access the truth. And that’s the core of Naomi’s work; accessing and exploiting the truth to enhance what already exists and, with the attainment of those truths, influence the future. 

While she has shifted her focus to professional development and coaching, she started her career as a metaphysical consultant, working specifically as a medium, psychic, healer and meditation leader. Concurrently, she owned a business and worked in several industries, including a role as the assistant to the president of a multi-billion dollar company. Eventually, through a network of referrals, she began coaching the leaders that she assisted, combining her gifts in the metaphysical world with those in the professional world. 

Here, at this confluence of energy-work and professional development, Naomi has found an important and rarely explored niche. She believes that when we acknowledge ourselves as nuanced, emotional, and unique people, we begin the process of healing and achieving the best of our offerings. We have unique gifts that need to be unpacked and released. Naomi is here to guide you through that discovery.



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A good speaker's first job is to make the person who hired them the hero!

Each of our presentations is uniquely crafted to your needs, community, and event. -3 profound take away from their time with us.

Our topics are in the area of human intelligence, relationships, enhancing a work place or group by inspiring an improved culture. This extends to Leadership conferences, Managers, specific presentations and workshops of 2 hours to 3 days on the Enneagram and tools for an effective, compassionate workplace.

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In this 16 Module Video Series, Naomi Eklund, Author of Building Bridges Through Personality:  Introducing the Enneagram, takes you on a journey of discovery into the incredible tool of the Enneagram Personality Typing System.  Learn how developing compassionate awareness of your personality and others will help you in all areas of life!

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What people are saying about working with Naomi Eklund

Tamara G

"Working with Naomi has been nothing short of life-changing. Because of her guidance (and no-bullshit feedback), I have claimed my power and allowed myself to take up space fearlessly! I had no idea what to expect when our sessions started, but I knew that we had met for a reason. Now, I feel like a new, stronger, more colorful version of myself because of working with Naomi. If you’ve crossed paths with her and wondered if you should give this a shot, the answer is absolutely yes!"

Velveth S

"Naomi’s ability to distill information in a manner that is understood and profoundly comprehended by the individual is one of her many strengths. As a coach she is able to be clear, direct and effective. Learning discipline and developing skills that made me a better professional, partner, mother, and person were all gifts I received from working with Naomi.”


"As a self-employed business owner I have garnered priceless key insights and a deeper awareness of what motivates us as a society from “You Using the Enneagram.” All of these have been invaluable to further my success with my clients as well as my interpersonal relationships.”

Carol A

"Naomi has provided invaluable leadership coaching and team training services for many members of our management team. The Enneagram (personality style assessment) provides a really useful construct to help leaders understand other managers’ and their own employees’ perspectives. Naomi’s coaching has helped us reduce conflict between and among teams so we can get more done with less drama!”

Rosie P

"It is rare that you come across an amazing talent like Naomi-Marie, she is insightful and supportive. I have had the pleasure of working with her for many years and we have collaborated on several projects. I am always impressed by her ability to help others through her innate understanding of human nature, and especially using the Enneagram. Her new book, “Building Bridges Between Personalities, Introducing the Enneagram” is a helpful reference to build more effective relationships, both in the workplace and at home.
I highly recommend her work."

Krista W

"I have read a few books on the Enneagram, and multiple self-improvement and inspirational books so I feel I can recommend a good read. This is the bullet point book on what it is all about. Super easy to understand and quick read. I was able to absorb the profound information effortlessly and use it right away in my work situations....and personal situations, too! It would a great to use for office and team building. Can’t wait for the workbook! “

Florian G

“I’ve known Naomi for over ten years and I can say she is a person that is very passionate about anything she does. We did some life coaching work together, and her incite was incredible. She has a warm caring style, but still brings the point across. Her insight lets clients learn things about themselves and build skills that they didn’t know they had. Empowering people to become the best version of themselves, just great.
I highly recommend Naomi for team building, but also for personal coaching.”

Jennifer D

"Naomi is passionate about her mission to bring positivity to the world through teaching about compassion and how to connect with others. It is inspiring to see her vision helping so many. She is uplifting and encouraging while she informs and challenges. It is powerful and life-changing to work with her. She has unique gifts and insights and I walk away from every session empowered and enlightened."

Patrick C

Naomi is a mastermind of intuition and empathic understanding. She has the uncanny ability to see beneath the surface and promote solutions towards complex human ailments. She practices relentless enthusiasm for human connection, especially as it relates to an individual’s or a group’s efficacy and daily interactions. In my professional interaction with Naomi, I have witnessed her knack to see the big picture and desire to tackle the details, as well as her ability to create solutions between disparate domains. I wholeheartedly recommend Naomi for anyone seeking growth and understanding in themselves and interactions with others.”

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