Jennifer Dahlberg - COO & Certified Coach

Jennifer Dahlberg is a highly intuitive, emotionally intelligent, natural born leader, encourager, and master life cheerleader who uses her passion for understanding humanity and personal development to help others recognize and unlock their own talent and gifts.  

Growing up in a toxic family, filled with substance abuse, created a deep-seated desire to understand why people make the choices they make and how to find the humanity in those choices.  Her military family also moved a lot during her childhood, which gave her a unique opportunity to meet people of differing values, beliefs and opinions - instilling compassion and open-mindedness in relating to others and why they believe the way they do.  She loves to meet people who expand her own thinking and bring a new perspective and voice to the conversation.  Jennifer discovered her natural curiosity about human behavior could be cultivated into her life purpose of helping others when she began her love affair with psychology in high school and continued her studies throughout college and life.  

Her life experiences in parenting, corporate administration, small business development, small group training, small group leadership, public speaking, large event coordinating, team organization and team management have made her uniquely gifted in building bridges in teams and bringing out the best in individuals for the collective goals of the group.  In every season and area of life, she has found herself in a leadership role and works to empower the people on her team to see their special talents and contributions.  Her attention to detail and organization partnered with a no-nonsense compassion unlocks the dynamics of the teams she works with and empowers those around her.

Jennifer also enjoys working one-on-one with individuals to hold up a mirror to the people she partners with to help them see how their gifts and challenges make them powerful and valuable.  She strongly believes that every person has magic in them and when we fully accept who we are, we are limitless.  

Jennifer is dedicated to her own personal growth and learning.  She considers herself to be her first and most challenging client.  She is always striving to unlock self-limiting beliefs in her own life, which has the added benefit of finding amazing tools to help her clients.  If she hasn’t personally walked the walk, she doesn’t feel like she should talk the talk.  She finds the greatest inspiration in her own life through the survivor stories of others and believes in being transparent in her own obstacles as a path to finding breakthrough.  Jennifer likes to learn new tools just to see how they can be customized to help as many people as possible.  She has a long list of certifications already and continues to add to them as she discovers new paths to empowerment and goal success.  

Current Coaching Certifications:

  • Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Enneagram Spectrum Method

  • Certified Professional Life Coach

  • Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner

  • Certified Life Purpose Coach

  • Certified Confidence Coach

  • Certified Allowing Success Coach

  • Certified Happiness Coach

  • Certified Mindfulness Coach

  • Certified Goal Success Coach

  • Certified REBT Mindset Coach

  • Certified Cognitive Behavior (CBT) Life Coach

As your trainer/coach/mentor you can expect excellent personal attention, insightful feedback, and customizable tools that you and your team can implement right away!


Jennifer Dahlberg is a gifted natural coach and has extensive training and experience with both personal and couples coaching. Her approach is “Can you See you?” Believing that each of her clients will best succeed with a personalized action plan created through assessment, inquiry, and seeing the client in their truest light, she will expertly walk you into your own mind and show you how to accelerate your life. 

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Jennifer’s nature is the gift of relationship. She is able to help clients see each other anew. Dysfunctional patterns and unmet needs inhibit the experience of love between two people. Jennifer has committed herself to knowing even the most subtle aspects of what makes a relationship work or not work and can help you improve your relationship or learn how to let go in grace. She will help you create a set of relationships skills through which love can blossom.

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In this 10 Class Video and Workbook Series, Jennifer introduces you to the power of creating a Mindset Practice that is as unique as you are! 

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What people are saying about working with Jennifer Dahlberg

Summer E

"Jennifer is very intuitive and can see past the excuses you may have been believing for years. She is a master at helping you reframe your thinking and limiting beliefs. She helps focus you on your dreams and goals and keeps you accountable to stay on track.  I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to be coached into their dreams or needs help overcoming lifelong insecurities.”

Kim H

“I have been continually inspired by Jennifer’s understanding of the human condition. She teaches with patience and grace, providing the relational security and consummate professionalism necessary to motivate even the most insecure of people.  I am grateful the universe brought us together!”

Rosa S

"I was first introduced to Jennifer when I joined a new clinic. Right off the bat she was impressive and showed excellent leadership skills. She listened to our staff concerns and was very empathetic to us all. She is very disciplined in her management skills but shows concern and empathy in her personality. She is very knowledgeable under stressful situations and gets it done . It speaks volumes to her dedication in helping us have the best clinic.”

Nneka D

"Jen is a joy to work with; not only did she describe the way I take in the world and navigate it to a tee, but she helped me see the beauty in the darker areas of my tendencies. She has great knowledge of the enneagram system and was super patient and ready to answer ALL the questions that I had, being the #5 that I am. I love that she also didn't hesitate to provide additional resources for me to continue to dive even deeper into it all. I enjoyed everything about our consultation and look forward to furthering my understanding of Me!”

Naomi Eklund, Founder & CEO at Infinite Yes, Inc.

“I have been in the Coaching and Consulting industry for 30 years.  In the many years I have known Jennifer, she has proven to have extraordinary insight into people with a surgical ability to get the issue and unpack it.  Additionally, she is skilled at reaching into her vast library of tools to find the most efficient way to help a person.  She is supportive without being a crutch, and directive while leaving you feeling empowered.   It is rare that I would even consider giving my personal seal to another provider.  Jennifer is the first person I have invited to work on my team.   This is because she is extraordinary in her integrity, capability, and execution.   I give her my personal seal, and share her services through Infinite YES which is the highest of recommendations I can offer.  You will be blessed to work with her.“

Antonia K

"I was amazed as to how light-minded I felt after meeting with Jennifer.  She did not judge, she did push her opinion as to what I should do about any given situation, she was patient, and listened with compassion.  With her organic methods, I felt comfortable being real and honest with myself allowing me to identify the real things that were ugly in my life and make them make sense.  That deep dive into your own life’s journey, how you got where you are today, can be terrifying to dissect but often necessary before one can continue and decide the next path.  Jennifer embodies the knowledge, skills, and techniques and is not afraid to get deep in the weeds with you to help you successfully move forward."

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