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Coaching through Christ Consciousness with Rosie Potestio

Coaching through Christ Consciousness

with Rosie Potestio


Rosie has dedicated her life to Christ Conscious, to the study of higher ideas and using her natural gifts to illuminate solutions through marrying spirituality with practical application.

Her Personal Dedication to Christ and the Increase of Christ Consciousness started at a tender age studying with her beloved mother Arli, a theological scholar, and grandmother, a devout Catholic, who lived life teaching and  modeling Christ’s kindness with the grit we need to get through this life.

Throughout her life, Rosie has learned and shared  higher consciousness, working where her heart took her to serve and uplift others.

She has an amazing library of stories, tools, and high level insights that most of us don't access.   Yet in her work she brings her skills to making this information both applicable and usable.

Turning stories told 1,000 times into something new refreshing them by removing the agendas of others and talking to you personally about how Christ lives in your life, how to access, increase and live with the grace Christ walked here to give you.

Rosie puts that grace in your hands to apply to your life, it's personal in the best way.

As Christ was an energy healer, Rosie has also studied ways to help heal people with energy.   As life starts with energy, we all have some healing capacity.  This is why we pray/ask for prayers or send/receive thoughts to those we love or those in distress.   We intuitively understand our ability to effect / give / receive energy.

In her studies of various healing modalities, including Reiki, Rosie has concluded that she prefers to simply allow the Christ energy to guide her and work through her for the benefit of the client.

Energetic healing is done in all of her sessions with clients.  It occurs according to the intention that Christ may work through or guide her for the highest good, if the need arises it will become more formal.

Your time with Rosie will begin with a no charge 20 minute introductory zoom meeting to assess that you are a good fit.

Based on your initial conversation you will be sent questions or worksheets that facilitate efficacy in your work.   

Rosie prefers to have your 1:1 session time be connecting and informative of your needs, the more intake information  you send her, the better she can serve you. Taking an active part in your coaching program increases the impact of your 1:1 time and overall program.

Minimum of 6 sessions can be taken over as long as 3 months.  

  • Extensive Studies of Rudolph Steiner, Alice Bailey, 
  • Completed 2 year Certification through Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute, Berkeley California  in 2010

6 Session Package


  • Assessments as needed per initial consultation & goals you want to achieve!
  • 3 Sessions per Month via video conferencing.
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Expert guidance for establishing a pathway to the Divine!
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Rosie meets you where you are at and joins you in the journey to illumination!  Her passion is to help you heal, learn and grow as you bring together spirituality with the practical.

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