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  • Enneagram Assessment for Personality

  • Enneagram Assessment for Instinctual variant

  • Building Bridges Through Personality Book (electronic or hard copy).

Prep time - if you have other assessments, I would love for you to forward those to me. Including Myers Briggs, StrenghtsFinders (recommended), Love Languages (recommended), or others that you have done or are interested in.

If you would like I can include (no extra charge) a numerology element.

If you would like we can include an expert astrological reading (option at an additional charge). I have the BEST person I have ever met for this and before him I was very skeptical with modest benefits from astrological sessions.

If you have areas that you would like me to focus on, challenges, or experiences that you need help with, please send this to me in the email prior to our session. The more information you share, the easier it is to help you be efficient.

Before we meet: You will have the assessments sent to you and have a chance to complete them. If you find these are not "hitting the mark" you can have a second set of assessments at no extra charge, perhaps using a different assessment vendor.

You will send me the information mentioned above at least one week prior to our first session so I have time to co-relate the data and focus on you.

Session One - plan on a 90 minute session

In this session we will go over the data mentioned above, I will be able to "intake you" in person and understand your needs and goals.

We will go over your assessments and get you started with a few tools to work on between our sessions.

I ACCEPT EMAILS INBETWEEN SESSIONS, these are a great way to process information and have it ready for your next session. If needed I will respond, my usual response time is 1-2 business days. It is a great idea to use this service to make notes along the way about things that are coming up in real life and we can process or deal with this during your session.

Session Two through 5 - plan on 90 minutes, (usually 2 weeks apart). These are information packed sessions and I suggest you put aside sometime on either side of the session to prepare and to reflect on the sessions. You are investing in yourself, you will get the most use out of it, if you give yourself time to assimilate what you are learning.

Ongoing...once you have completed the 5 sessions we can discuss your best path forward.

5 Sessions


Includes Book: Building Bridges Through Personality

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Making information accessible to people is Naomi’s specialty. To accomplish this, she has written "Building Bridges Through Personality: Introducing the Enneagram" and is currently writing: More Tools for Using the Enneagram.
As a speaker Naomi is warm, personable, and very clear about meeting the audience’s needs.
Unleashing the Power of Compassion is the motivation behind her work.

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