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Whether you are wanting to work on your personal and professional goals or better your relationships, Coach Jennifer is ready to work with you to find your Personal Positivity!  Contact us today for a FREE 15 minute consultation or to inquire about pricing.

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Personal Coaching - Find Your Personal Positivity!

Jennifer offers 1:1 coaching in many areas of life (Enneagram, Life Purpose, Happiness, Confidence, Goal Success, Growth Mindset, etc…). She has experience and expertise in helping people see themselves and teaching them life long skills / tools to live their best life.

She is a natural coach, a master life cheerleader, a queen of tough love with compassion, and an amazing person to have on your side. Her insight is keen.  Her extensive training and years of experience in becoming a "person expert" makes her a  winning coach. 

In this offering Jennifer is partnering with you to create a custom discovery process to help you to find the tools that work for you to clarify things you have hidden from yourself, and help you polish up the star that you are!

Jennifer wants to learn about you to help you create your breakthrough!  She utilizes a variety of questionnaires and assessments to learn as much as she can about you so that your session time can be spent focused on what works for you.  She spends the equivalent number of hours preparing for your one on one sessions as she spends face to face with you. She is not plugging you into a system, she is helping you create your own system for success. You are receiving a coach who sees you, cares about you, and takes a personal interest in you!

Personalized and custom programs are the keystone of Infinite Yes coaching, as we firmly believe your best self is unique, powerful and a blessing to be shone in the world. You will find people with long term commitment to their craft, wisdom, compassion, and many years of actual experience in the field's of our offerings.

Jennifer has multiple trainings and certifications, but most importantly an ability to look past the dysfunction of the world and your thoughts to get you on track. She will rock your world with powerful and loving dedication, and light the path forward in the vehicle she helps you build.

We hope you feel you deserve the personal and empowering professionalism of Jennifer's work.

Minimum Commitment is 6 sessions over 2 months.  Coach Jennifer likes to work in 6 session increments to create commitment to growth with built-in breaks to reassess your goals.  Contact us to discuss long-term coaching options for long-term goals.

Relationship Coaching - Great Relationships start with the Foundation!

Jennifer is a genie when it comes to revealing the power, the dysfunction, the potential, or the toxicity in a relationship. We all have superpowers and Jennifer's is Emotional Intelligence with an eye for the nuances of relationships. This has been a life study for her. As a natural leader of her peers, an inherent confidant. and a wizard of connection she can help you see yourself and the relationship in an entirely new light and give you tools to either amicable end or heal the relationship.

There is a minimum commitment because Jennifer will be committing as much time outside of your appointments as she will be in person. Your issues did not arise over a few weeks.  Taking the time to heal the damage is much more affordable than a nasty divorce or breakup.

Couples' work involves a combination of 1:1 sessions and / or group sessions. This will be determined by you and Jennifer in the first few discovery calls.   

Jennifer will likely ask you to take a number of assessments. These are not optional because they provide you with reflection tools and provide effective, efficient means to create a new language/culture in the relationship.

You can have Jennifer's service if you are happy in your relationship and want to maintain that or get even better! While Jennifer is great at problem solving is in her super power taking something from ok to good or good to amazing!


What if it's time for the relationship to end?

Jennifer is also very skilled at helping couples who are trying to uncouple do so peacefully and respectfully. She is an expert in helping you find the common ground you shared when the relationship was working so you can find mutual respect as the relationships is ending. A break up does not have to end in anger and bitterness. There are ways to move through the pain and into a functional understanding. This is very important especially when sharing custody of children is involved. Just because you didn’t have a happy marriage, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy divorce.

What to expect when working with Coach Jennifer

  • Thorough intake process.  Coach Jennifer starts her relationships with clients with questionnaires and interviews to quickly understand how to create strategies to accomplish goals quickly.  This will also determine what kind of coaching you will benefit from most so that sessions can be tailored to your needs to get the best results.
  • Assessments as needed.  The best way to make improvements is to first assess where the start line is so progress can be recognized.
  • Scheduled sessions agreed upon after first determining goals.  This will be a partnership to make improvements and that will require commitment on both sides to show up and be present.
  • Pricing will be determined by frequency of sessions and agreed upon before moving forward.  Payment plans may be available.
  • Active listening and unbiased input! 
  • FOCUS on YOU and your goals!  



I'm Jennifer Dahlberg and I specialize in creating custom programs to help individuals and teams achieve their desired results. Utilizing a variety of intuitive tools and experience, we will partner together to set goals and plot the most effective path to meet those goals. We will also create strategies, mindsets and habits to keep moving the goal posts to attain more than even you knew you could reach.

Contact me today and let's get you on the path to living your best life!

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Membership to Infinite Yes includes:
  • Access to all of our classes - existing and future additions to our ever growing library.
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This custom program for organizations and teams builds on the foundation of Mindset Coach Jennifer Dahlberg's Online Course created for Infinite Yes called Managing Your Mindset.  She personally works with your team as the program combines the online work-at-your-pace content of the Online Course with the accountability of scheduled LIVE meetings as determined by your organization's needs.

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In this 10 Class Video and Workbook Series, Jennifer introduces you to the power of creating a Mindset Practice that is as unique as you are!

Topics include:  What is Mindset / How the Mind Works / Thoughts to Emotions /  Self-Acceptance / Personal Responsibility / Developing a Growth Mindset / Goal Setting / Positive Thinking / Connection / Confidence

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