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Introduction to the Enneagram - Video Class & Book:  Building Bridges Through Personality

In this 16 Module Video Class with accompanying PDFs, you will learn from Naomi Eklund, the Author of Building Bridges Through Personality: Introducing the Enneagram.  Naomi's passion to bring the Enneagram Personality Typing System into simple everyday language has resulted in this amazing book and video series.  The foundation of the Enneagram is to bring compassionate awareness of the complex human that you are and to create bridges of communication and understanding with the people in your sphere of influence.  

Naomi will describe each of the Nine Personality Styles and explain what Wings & Arrows are.  She will also discuss Cultural Influences, Introvert vs Extrovert, and introduce Instinctual Variants.  

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Introduction to Mindset - Video Class & Workbook

Dive into the power of the mind and how the way we see the world changes our lives.  Take a deeper look through intentional awareness how to hold your own power!

Join Coach Jennifer Dahlberg in a 10 module online video course with accompanying PDFs on a journey through topics like What is Mindset?, How the Mind Works, Thoughts to Emotions, Self-Acceptance, Personal Responsibility, Developing a Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, Positive Thinking, Connection & Confidence.  Use the companion workbook to dive deeper into your personal take on these subjects through assessments and activities that are created to challenge and empower. 

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Coming Soon! - OWN YOUR POWER - Self-Mastery using a Shamanic Approach

This combination program of online course material you can work through at your own pace combined with live weekly trainings and once a month 1/2 day meetings will speed your transformation to Self-Mastery!  Check back soon for more updates of when this exciting program will go live!

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A good speaker's first job is to make the person who hired them the hero!

Each of our presentations is uniquely crafted to your needs, community, and event. -3 profound take away from their time with us.

Our topics are in the area of human intelligence, relationships, enhancing a work place or group by inspiring an improved culture. This extends to Leadership conferences, Managers, specific presentations and workshops of 2 hours to 3 days on the Enneagram and tools for an effective, compassionate workplace.

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This program brings you to a profound experience of claiming your own power, knowing yourself better than anyone else knows you and improving relationships in all areas of your life.

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Managers are the nervous system of your business. At every level they need support, advice, coaching and mentoring. Their teams can always level up in their functionality. We fit your needs rather than try to fit you into ours.

Customization = effective efficiency.

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