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BY Naomi Eklund, Founder & CEO


Introducing the Enneagram

Straightforward relationship advice from a coach with 30 years of experience. Building Bridges Through Personality:  Introducing the Enneagram takes my best insights from a life time of helping people and 25 years of coaching to reduce drama, stress, and misunderstandings in work and personal relationships.

In the past 25 years, I have worked with CEOs of International firms, EVPs from corporations that are household names, stay at home parents, families, and entrepreneurs. Relationships and personalities are the common factor. Relationships are with ourselves and those around us, with the world we live in, and things we do. Every aspect of our lives is relationship. Yet we have a hard time accessing quality information to reveal our inner workings that determine every aspect of the quality or condition of our relationships. Without knowing what's inside of you and the other person, the hopes, dreams, needs, and motivation, how do you think you can connect, inspire and motivate? How can you get your partner or employee to connect or improve without the fundamental insight of what makes them tick? I believe that many of the worlds problems can be solved with a little preemptive relationship intelligence. No one wants to be pushed into fear to perform, and no one wants to lose love or connection. Businesses lose untold fortunes due to personality issues, and loved ones are torn apart due to lack of insight. If we have insight, we can have compassion, make informed choices, and avoid costly painful mistakes. This is not a instruction manual with a list of relationship rules, that has been done a thousand times. This book is about how to think about a relationship. Going deeper than the idea that we can change the words we say and expect new results. I believe based on my experience, that if you understand yourself and others better, you are smart enough to Build Bridges that lead to better quality of relationship. Less scripting and more understanding create a depth that is intuitive, present, and productive. All people have needs, fears, motivations, desire purpose, and are complex. It is challenging to have a clear picture of ourselves, let alone another person. The Enneagram is an ancient and powerful personality style system that illuminates a great deal of what is going on inside of the personality. It reveals the psyche to itself in a gentle but profound way. Next it helps us to see others. When we have an insight into their styles, we have a greater capacity to connect - to Build Bridges Through Personality. Imagine letting knowledge of how people work turn to wisdom. Imagine having a genie in your pocket, whispering to you insights about why a person is behaving in a certain way and having an idea about how to make a more effective connection. Imagine Giving your staff instructions based on what they need or talking to your partner and not taking their pain as a personal reflection. The Enneagram is a mirror into your own world and to window into the ways other work. Improve your quality of relating. Stop wasting time and money with the wrong approach to your staff or sweetheart. Reduce your frustration, increase your effectiveness - read this book! 

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Naomi is a graduate of the National Speakers Association Academy, a former Facilitator of the NSA academy and has been speaking publicly since grade school; engaging, educating, and entertaining your audience are among her passions. Naomi is very nimble in reading and responding to audiences of all sizes. Drawing on her profound inner knowing and wealth of practiced training the audience will gain a great deal and walk away infused with great energy.

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