Introduction to the Enneagram

Naomi Eklund, Author of Building Bridges Through Personality: Introducing the Enneagram takes you through 16 Video Modules with supporting PDF content to introduce you to the powerful tool of the Enneagram using simple and inviting language.  You will learn about each of the 9 styles and the nuances that make up personality.  This class also includes a digital copy of Naomi Eklund's book Building Bridges Through Personality: Introducing the Enneagram.  This valuable tool is available for only $442!  

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Understand Yourself!

Understanding your Enneagram Personality Type and the natural resources, gifts and challenges that are inherent in your personality improves self-compassion!

Understand Others!

Learning about the different motivations and gifts of each Enneagram Personality Type creates compassion for others!

Own Your Power! 

Your Enneagram Type is amazing and powerful.  Understanding why unlocks that power and gives you insight how to empower others to do the same!

"Naomi has coached me for 4 years and for 2 years worked closely with my management team.  As a result, we understand each other more, and communicate in more thoughtful ways.  We better understand how our actions impact the work of those around us and as a result we are more productive and effective as a team.  Her in-depth knowledge and experience as shared in her new book has been instrumental to our success."

Adam B

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Introduction to the Enneagram

This 16 Module Video series with supporting PDF's is only $442!  

Naomi Eklund, Founder & CEO of Infinite Yes, Inc and Author of Building Bridges Through Personality: Introducing the Enneagram invites you to understand this complex tool in simple language that you can use to improve all areas of your life!

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