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"We make conscious agreements with our clients to help them be accountable to their own highest good!!!"  - Naomi Eklund, Founder & CEO

Welcome to Infinite Yes Coaching

Infinite Yes is your Guide to Infinite Growth through Holistic Professional & Personal Development

What do you crave?  Purpose?  Power?  Connection?  At Infinite Yes, we create custom programs for you to achieve these desires!  We help you find the tools & strategies that let you OWN YOUR POWER!



We have a variety of digital materials, videos, classes and webinars as well as opportunities for live trainings via online meetings.   

We currently have classes on the Enneagram and Mindset that are both work at your own pace video courses with supplemental pdf materials.

We will be introducing a NEW program soon with both online class material and weekly live trainings that will take a shamanic approach to self-mastery!

We are continually adding to our library of tools and materials!

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Executive, Entrepreneurs, High Value Employees, and those in leadership roles need a coach who knows the joy of creating, power, and seeking wisdom. Naomi Eklund has been a confidant to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, High Profile Elected officials for over 20 years. You know how to run your business; Naomi knows how to support you as a confidant and mentor you in creating successful relationships on all levels. Using tools such as the Enneagram personality typing system and Gallops Strength Finders she will support you in your quest for Kizen – to be better every day.

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Managers and team leaders must have someone objective to help them understand and navigate the myriad of personalities that you count on to succeed every day. We work one on one with both experienced and new managers to develop themselves and create team trainings based on your unique needs.

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that we use because it is empowering to each member of the team and makes the manager more efficient and effective.

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Individuals and Couples need emotionally intelligent, certified/vetted, experienced mentorship and coaching. Our coaches focus on your needs. We use compassion and partner with you to build YOU a program that works for YOU. We have years of experience in coaching for specific goals, life coaching, manifesting, mindfulness, release of toxic/family relationships, confidence, and happiness coaching. We also have world class psychics/mediums who are able to help you see what you may have been missing.

We believe in giving you tools that empower you. You will work with the Enneagram personality typing system to give you a shorthand to deep personal insight.

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Book: Building Bridges Through Personality

Introducing the Enneagram

Straightforward relationship advice from a coach with 30 years of experience. Building Bridges Through Personality:  Introducing the Enneagram takes my best insights from a life time of helping people and 25 years of coaching to reduce drama, stress, and misunderstandings in work and personal relationships. 

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Selecting the right Speaker for your event makes you look like a hero!

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